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Kuwait Airways announces the vacancies for the jobs listed below in accordance with the following specific requirements and specifications


Required Job Required Experience Qualifications
Chief Cabin Crew 6 years’ experience as Cabin Crew Minimum education High School (12 years of schooling or more) or equivalent and license of two o more types of aircraft.
Cabin Crew No experience required Minimum education High School (12 years of schooling or more) or equivalent
Expert Rostering 14 years’ experience in related field Diploma in Administrative Sciences
Specialist(A)Rostering 10 years’ experience in related field Diploma in Administrative Sciences
Officer Rostering 2 years’ experience in roster scheduling Diploma in Administrative Sciences
Dispatcher 4 years’ experience in a related field. including 1 year in job training Minimum education High School(12 years of schooling or  more) or equivalent


General Terms:

  1. Priority in appointment shall be for eligible Kuwaitis.
  2. Must have a great command of English and Arabic (spoken and Written) and good knowledge with computer use.
  3. A minimum of 70% is required to pass the English language test, with the exception for specific jobs.
  4. For Kuwaitis, the applicant must have performed the mandatory military service or be exempted from it in accordance with Law No. 20/2015 and submit a Completion Certificate of the mandatory military service or present an exemption from it.
  5. Applicants shall be subject to the necessary conditions for appointment in accordance with the rules and regulation at Kuwait Airways.
  6. University degrees not recognized by the officials authorities in Kuwait will not be considered.
  7. Provide a vaccination certificate stating that the applicant has received two doses against Covid-19 that is recognized by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health.
  8. Compliance with Cabinet Resolution No. 914 issued on 29/26/2010, which includes(Retired persons are only permitted to apply in the narrowest of limits. For the categroies of pilots and flight engineers, they shall be requested, needed, to ensure continued safe operations.)
  9. Passing the training course is required for some of the listed jobs.
  10. Applicants shall be subject to the necessary interviews and test and are required to pass the tests to processed to the interview.
  11. In case of equal results(after meeting the required conditions and passing the personal interviews) the differentiation shall be decided by the following criteria:
    1. Holding a grade of (90%) or higher for the qualifications
    2. Whomever graduated first
    3. Age seniority
    4. Married applicants are preferred over single status applicants.

Cabin Crew Job Requirements:

  1. At least 21 years of age at the time of application.
  2. Minimum height for female 160cm , male 167cm and weight proportionate to height.
  3. Well-grommed and physically fit to work as Flight Attendant
  4. Can Swim 20 meters unaided

How to Apply:

Applications shall be submitted on the website: within 15 days from the publication date of the annoucement.

Documents to be attached to the website.

  1. CV
  2. Academic certificate and equivalency approved by the official authorities in the State of Kuwait
  3. Copy of Civil ID and Passport
  4. Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate
  5. A certificate from the General Organization for Social Insurance(career progression certificate) and an experience certificate, if any
  6. Copies of the required licenses and practical certificates, if any

Non -complaint and incomplete applications will be excluded and such exclusion shall itself be a formal apology without the need to notify the applicant.

Receipt of the application does not mean acceptance and the company reserves the right not to accept any applicant for the vacancies mentioned above.


vacancy at kuwait airways

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  1. Sana Bandarkar

    My name is Sana Bandarkar
    I have completed my Graduation in English Literature…
    Looking for a job in kuwait.
    Having a experience in H.R for 5years..
    Looking forward and waiting for your reply.. Thanking you.

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